Need Setup & Consulting Assistance to connect Honeywell Tuxedo Security System and then integrate with SmartThings(Houston)

We are based in Houston. Our new home was installed with a Honeywell Vista 15P wired security system and two operation panels. I don’t want to waste the wired window/door sensors and motion sensors. Based on preliminary research I did, I read that we could install a Honeywell Tuxedo Wifi panel in place of the traditional one, then buy a SmartThings hub and it would set us up to self monitor our security and start adding components for a smart home.

The same guy that wired the house with the Honeywell system (and all A/V wiring), connected the Tuxedo panel for us. However, he does not know programming or setup of security systems or panels. I recognize that this was a breakdown with our builder, but here we are in this dilemma.

We do not know how to setup or use our Honeywell security system and the Tuxedo Wifi is not connecting to the internet. However, our SmartThings hub is awesome! I think we need someone who understands Honeywell security systems and smart home setups to come and complete our setup for us and train us how to integrate. Considering we want to stick with self monitoring, how do we find this person?

I would think you’d need to get the Honeywell system working first. That should actually be the easier part.

@ashutosh1982 Has a consulting business in Dallas that deals with various SmartThings implementations, but I don’t know if they work with Honeywell or go as far as Houston. He might know somebody, though.

Otherwise @heythisisnate might have some ideas.

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Thank you. I have reached out to ashutosh1982 and am reading about HeyThisisNate’s product to see if I can handle that on my own