Reboot for iPhone as Presence Sensor?

for some reason my husband’s iPhone seems to get stuck periodically as Present. I know that it will reset if I Remove the phone and re-add it back in. But its tied to 18 different automations that I would have to go in and redo.

When my multisensors get stuck I just hit the find object button and hit the pair button on the sensor and it ‘un-sticks’ them.

Anyone know of anything like that for a phone? Or is it just the long process of removing and re-adding?


Does your husband login to the ST app on his phone with his own ST account (linked to your hub)? Or your account?

To his own account. :slight_smile:

I’d say just force close the app and re-open it.

Ok using the same account on two phones always messes things up.

Also wondering if you’ve tried force quitting, or logging out of the app then back in. Is the only thing that works removing the phone presence device? It only gets stuck on present but never away?

Thanks for all your help, but sadly only deleting it and re-adding made any difference. Oh well.