Presence Sensors gone HAYWIRE!

Wondering if I’m alone with this brand new (2-3d old) problem that is a bit of a nighmare. I have two presence sensors going crazy reporting they are coming and going every few minutes. One of them is a ST Arrival sensor that has no battery in it and that STILL didn’t stop it. The other is an iphone presence device that I simply removed from ST to prevent it from triggering all sorts of routines.

I’m very confused. The live logging just says that the presence of the device was detected and then reports the routines it is running as a result. Not even sure where to begin especially when the battery is disconnected from the ST device.


Have you rebooted the hub?

I didn’t but I’m doing it now; thanks

That worked or at least made things more stable. I’m not sure why I didn’t do something so basic but I have a fairly complex installation and lots of automations so I got tunnel vision troubleshooting which app was doing what.

Sorry for the whole thread with a basic solution.

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I have to say… that’s freakin awesome!!!

Talk about reliability! That damn thing just keeps on working!

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