Reading status airconditioner


Hope this is the good category.

I do have an samsung airconditioner, what I integrated in my domotica system, using the ‘cli-examle-nodejs’.
Works fine, I can manipulate all settings of the airco, using the execute capability.
Most settings I also can read after a ‘status’ call.
I need that in order to keep the domotica system acurate.

My problem is that not all settings are shown always. The output differs from one time to another. I need the settings from ‘’ (mostly for ‘comode’ settings and sleep-time setting). But exactly that part is often not show.

Is there a way to force a status-reply whit that information in it?


G. Brink

Problem solved by sending an execute command ‘light_on’ of light_off’ as it seems that smartthings shows at the ‘status-command’ the status of the latest changed parts.