Samsung AirCon - Robust way to determine status of light and quiet mode

I’ve got a Samsung Windfree AC and set up a simple SmartApp to subscribe to state changes. There are a few functions that are not reflected in specific capabilities.

For these I used a subscription to the “execute” capability. In the beginnen it was sufficient to subscribe to it with “stateChangeOnly = TRUE”, but then that stopped working and with this discussion it turned out that execute - events only come with StateChange:FALSE and I changed the subscription to “stateChangeOnly = FALSE”.

That worked nicely for almost a year now, but since lately I do not get any messages for capability “execute” anymore and I am unable to determine whether the light on the AC unit is on or off or whether the quiet mode is engaged.

Is there any possibility to get these via a different way or does anybody know why I am getting no more messages for “execute”?


Hi @hal2000pd, please can share the next information?

1- App Id
2- please send the event and share the time/date when it happened and your time zone to check the logs

also, we will need support access:

  1. Confirm the email account registered in the forum is the same one you use for SmartThings. If not, please share it with me over DM.
  2. Enable support access to your account:
  1. Go to the SmartThings Web (
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.

Hello all!

I also have the same problem and also identified that even if I call a simples GET directly to the API{deviceId}/components/main/capabilities/execute/status it’s not updating sience end of July

I use alot of information that came from “execute” because my integration use OCF data (to get light, position, filter condition, clean condition, etc).

I will wait information from here

Hi @JRFabbi We already have a report about subscription, please, can you share with us the following information?

  1. Enable support access and confirm the email account registered in the forum is the same one you use for SmartThings. If not, please share it with me over DM.
  2. deviceId
  3. AppId

as soon as we have updates I will inform you

Just an addition: It seems that there is more broken. I noticed today that some functions related to the execute-capabilities also don’t work in the Samsung SmartThings anymore:

There are several options which are greyed out. The red box shows the windfree-switch.

I now got the following reply:

Hi @hal2000pd after investigating it with the corresponding team, unfortunately, execute capability is an object not defined, so the data can not be guaranteed the manufacturer can use it to modify the data depending on their needs.

Normally the manufacturer implements the necessary functions through dedicated capabilities, so it is recommended to use them. in some cases, we know that the user found capabilities that can be helpful, so we recommended commenting it with the manufacturer so that they will conceive it and if they are interested in implementing it.

Does anyone know how to contact Samsung? (I guess its pointless, I thought they are behind SmartThings.)

The observation that some options are greyed out in the official SmartThings app only applies to one of my three ACs :confused:. For the other two everything works fine in the app. How does the app determine Light and Quiet mode?

I received the same answer.

If you can get in touch let me know and I’ll do the same because some capabilities exists only in the “execute”