HELP needed, how to activate humidity measurement on OCF airco


I do have a samsung OCF airco. As long as the airco is in mode ‘dry’, it measures the humidity. As soon as the mode is changed to anything else the humidity is not measured anymore. The smartthings app shows “-”. Pushing the icon next to “-” forces a new value.

As I monitor and control the airco in my domotica system, I would like to have a code to trigger the measurement, so I can start the dry modes if the humidity is getting too high.
Capability, command and needed arguments would do the trick.

Can anyone help me to start humidity measurement by code?



G. Brink,

Look here, you might find something useful.

@JRFabbi, can you help with the OPs question?


I am using the cli-example-nodejs application.

Make a section:

.command(‘fix [names…]’)
.action(function(names) {
if (names && names.length) {
names.forEach(function(name) {
actuateSwitches([{command: ‘execute’, capability: ‘execute’, component: ‘main’, arguments: [‘airflow/vs/0’,{“”:“Fix”}]}], name);
} else {
actuateSwitches([{command: ‘execute’, capability: ‘execute’, component: ‘main’, arguments: [‘airflow/vs/0’,{“”:“Fix”}]}], null);

and call 'fix.

That works in my system.

Do you know the commands to start humidity measuring?


G. Brink


I found that article. It helped me indeed to get started. With help of the smartthings solution ‘cli-example-nodejs’ I can now control the very most of the functions of the airco. But now I am stuck at 1 specific command: how to activate the humidity measurement. I cannot find any clue in that article for this specific thing. Do you know how to do that?


G. Brink

Look at this post, there is a humidity link in the ocf API:

/humidity/0 and /humidity/vs/0


This is the OCF resource for humidity sensors:

I’ve tried to use this sensor but for me it’s useless and I stopped to found a way to get the measure, the problem is that this sensor works only with Dry Mode, when you start measuring (using SmartThings app) in other modes it will return the value for few minutes and stop again and the great problem is that it only works when device lights is on (if you set to off it stop measuring immediately), after I disovered that I purchase another humidity sensor to do the job (trigger my humidifier or trigger dry mode)

To enable the sensor probably the path is /humidity/vs/0 but I tried a lot of possibilities and the device did not respond to any. (I’m also trying to reset filter-time using the API).

If I find something I’ll post it here.

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For me that short period should be good enough. I do update status of the airco every 15 minutes. So every 15 minutes pushing the virtual button (representing the button in the smartthings app) and read the status right after that is OK.
But: where is that virtual button? You also have no idea I understand. I keep searching. If found I also will mail here.