Range Category Missing from New Smartthings App?

Hi there,

I just got a new range (yay) and it’s supposed to be configured using the new Smartthings app. Unfortunately, when I follow the instructions and launch the app, the number of supported device categories in the new app is very low, and it doesn’t include range. Because of that, I don’t have the proper walkthrough process to get the range connected to wi-fi. Smartthings and Samsung have been unable to help (they said it was a very specific bug that only affected the two devices I have on hand (and iPhone X and Pixel 2), but I wondered if anyone here had any ideas or has come across this before.



What country are you in? Those categories are also region locked.

@willsmith Yup, not just that, but what does your Samsung account say your region is?

I found it. It’s at http://account.samsung.com if you’re having trouble in the future.

It seems like someone signed up for an account using my address before, and it’s set to India instead of the US. I hate it when vendors let people sign up for accounts without confirming email addresses.

Since this samsung account is tied to smartthings, I assume I probably can’t just delete it without repercussions, right?

Correct! I had the same problem, and I was instructed to call the customer support number, and then within a few emails, and a day or two, I was fixed:

Hi John,

Thanks for the video, that really helped us figure out what’s going on here. It looks like your Samsung Account is listed under a different country; The Netherlands to be specific. Due to the account location not being in the US, this causes trouble with the catalog and marketplace. While we’re unable to correct this, you’re going to want to reach out to Samsung Accounts Support as they have the tools and resources to change this. Our team, unfortunately, isn’t able to adjust Samsung accounts from our end so their support team will be your best resource for getting this taken care of. Once fixed, let’s try Smart Home Monitor once more!

Thanks and let me know if you have any other questions!



Thanks so much for your help! They’re working on resolving it now.