OSRAM bulbs failing

(Greg Harris) #1

Anyone else having bulbs either randomly turn on or fail to respond? Twice now my wife has been woken up at 6:00 in the morning with her bedside lamp coming on. It is on a schedule to coming on at 5:00 pm, but nothing at 6:00 am. I done see anything that has triggered it I. The logs. Of course all this started after the last update. I also have some LED strips that are OSRAM that also fail to turn off or I can change the color. I have to unplug them to reset them. Really need this straightened out. The wife is getting pissed about waking up on her weekends to sleep in.



Unfortunately many people seeing the same thing with Zigbee devices the last few weeks. (The Osram bulbs are Zigbee.)

Yours might be yet a different problem, so definitely report it to support@smartthings.com

(John) #3

Renaming works for me. Add a “1” - remove the “1”. BTW, sometimes I have to try “2” - stupid I know, but with the database corruption, it sure beats resetting them.