Random events

Has anyone had issues with random things occurring with the new scheduler? I noticed the other night that my bedroom lamp was on and wife claimed it wasn’t her. Then tonight, I watched my living room turn off and bedroom turn on. I have nothing scheduled for this time and certainly nothing that turns off the living room and on the bedroom… Activity log reveals nothing (except that the actions occurred).

I am wondering if these are events that got delayed and then ‘dislodged’

I don’t think this is directly related, but looks like one of my scheduled routines is firing twice each night…

Unfortunately you are not alone. Look near the end of the following:

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No. :alien:

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I am getting at the point where it simply doesn’t make sense. I am a professional coder myself and while I don’t have probably quite the scale of smartthings, I support thousands of users. You design this stuff for horizontal scaling. Home automation is classic publish - subscribe messaging pattern. Each user is separate - none of my stuff talks to any of yours, so it should be easy to slice users up across independent servers.

It seems somebody architected them into a horrible corner that just can’t be bandaided out from.


I can’t argue with that, although they have given us some technical explanations about database flooding that could explain some things.

In the thread that I linked to I posted two examples that I myself have been experiencing in the last week or so. Both just use standard ST features, no custom code.

The first one just turns a night light on every night and then off-again in the morning. This is a single Z wave device. Sometimes it runs twice a day just like it should. Sometimes it runs just in the morning. Sometimes it runs just at night. And that’s all in one week. :disappointed_relieved:

The other one turns on a Z wave device every evening. It runs – – but after it turns the light on, it runs another 5 to 20 times. Again, not custom code. You can see it in the logs. If you turn the light off, it turns itself back on again. Support doesn’t have a fix yet, but they say they have identified the problem and expect to have a fix in a future hub update.

These are clearly “interesting times.” :scream:


I think that I saw mention that the new scheduler has something that retries failed events - I wonder how exactly that works. There is a big difference between real-time and non real-time stuff. A light doesn’t come on immediately upon pressing a button, it does little good to retry this later - the user will just press the button again. Then you have this extra action sitting in an “overflow” queue. You can see the problem.

They almost need to expose out a “failure mode” option in Smart apps where you can choose whether to defer or drop actions that can’t be handled in a timely fashion.


Ghosts in the machine

A report button within apps and routines would be nice. In theory, if an event activates at the wrong time then click the button and it would send a report ST that something is amiss with the system.

My living room Cree bulb would randomly dim. Sometimes it would flicker low then back to the set level. Sometimes it would be visibly dimmer and stay that way. Logs never showed anything at all. Support said that when it happens to let them know of the times so they could check. I did and they did not see anything odd in the logs either.

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PHEWWWWWWW - Me and my partner kept a closed mouth last night when our bedroom lamps randomly turned off whilst we was watching a film on tv - we both looked at each oher asif to say " are you pissing about on your phone" to only realise neither of us were . . . I just said it will be smartthings asif it was acceptable for that to happen and she grunted and we carried on watching the film.


Strange, I wonder if my lights are going on and off while I’m not there. I’m staying at a friends keeping their dog company while they are on a short vacation. Their house is totally automation free. Well at least until tomorrow when the kit arrives. :wink:

Like clockwork, this this happened again last night. I revoked access to the bedroom lamp for Alexa, IFTTT, and Sharptools to rule them out. Probably going to login to the ide tonight and watch the live log.

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So I have had this consistently occur at 10:30 each night. No indication as to why. Still haven’t had a chance to check the real-time log in the IDE. What I have been doing, however, is removing one smart app at a time from the lamp to see if that makes a difference. Last night, I removed SHM “alert with lights” which I think seems like a possible culprit. I think the only remaining are “Smart Lights” triggered by button presses.

This is still happening. Every night precisely at 10:30. I have uninstalled one smart app per day to see if it stops. The only apps remaining associated with this lamp are the Smart Lighting that turns it on and off in response to minimote.

I put in yet another ticket to see if somehow they see something they missed.

I found it. I am going to have to eat a little crow - I found something that I think I scheduled around Christmas time to automate these lights since sunset routines weren’t working. They must not have been working for a long time and then maybe with recent improvements it started working again. Man, it can be tricky tracking these down when nothing indicates what is causing it.

ah well at least you found it…i recently had lights turn on every 5 minutes or so when the hub was unplugged and batteries were out… i really wish i could eat humble pie…i really do!..

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Having some lights going on or off is merely an annoyance but today, my garage door suddenly started closing on me while I was already inside the car backing out. Apparently, I never noticed the garage door coming down because it was just starting to close and I was backed up far enough for it to be out of my field of vision. Timing was just perfect as the back of my car roof contacted with the bottom part of the garage door enough to push a couple of the bottom garage door wheels out of the track (this is a roll-up door). I was able to stop in time to cause any further damage. Fortunately, the damage was minimal (I hope) as I was able to push the tracks back into alignment although my garage door is now slightly bowed.

I am using the Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opener but there was no usual warning beeps. It was as if someone physically push the garage door button or remote. I checked the logs and there was no mention of an app causing the door to close. I think my WAF just dropped down to zero!

That’s why I don’t have garage door opener on ST yet. ST is too unreliable for me to trust with door locks or garage doors.