SmartThings not working again

SmartThings is not working again. Does somebody know why this is happenning again. Is anyone else having the sane problems: switches not responding, status not refreshing, app not refreshing, commands not working?

Nope, not that. My problem is scheduled stuff will randomly stop executing. Other than that it has been good.

Same here. Routines stop functioning randomly. It is a shame Smartthings is going south ever since Hub 2 upgrade.

The rumor is they plan to change the name to “RandomThings” :smile:


I have the same issues… three door contacts not responding

Next thing they are playing catchup… the door has been shut for an hour, then inform me it’s closed

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I have always found that for some reason the Android App decides not to report notifications. Then when I turn on my phone I get a flood of notification events. More often it works fine but this happens to me at least a few times a month. I am guessing the App is not responding for some reason and when you turn on the phone it resolves the issue and the events display. The strange part is the events are timestamped as though they just happened when I know they happened a long time ago. For example I have a timed event to turn off my heat in the morning. It fires OK, my heat is off but I get no event. Then when I turn on the phone I get an event time stamped as if it just happened. Don’t understand why that would be the case but I have seen it.

Hi Ron, when you say ‘turn the phone on’ is that from sleep or a reboot?

I have just been checking the status, I can see immediately in the android smart things app that the back door has been opened, but the garage is showing closed when open…

Perhaps the Smart Things dudes are playing with the back end?

I just mean waking it by pressing the power button. Probably not your issue since you have some working and other not. How is your mesh network. Is the Garage in as strong a signal area as your back door ? I had issues with my garage until I installed a switch close by which also acts like a repeater.

Ageed… thought about distance

The back door sensor is around 9 mtrs from the hub
The garage sensor is a further 3 mtrs

I even moved the garage sensor from the inside of the door to the outside (just to trial it)

I now wonder whether it’s a battery issue… even though both sensors in question are only around 3 months old!

Higher battery drain outside?

This part has me a little confused. The tilt sensor only talks to the base unit, not the zwave network. So putting it outside seems to me worse then inside, unless your main unit is outside which would seem difficult. Also the battery is on the tilt sensor not the main unit so again has nothing to do with reporting on the zwave network.

Are you testing by opening and then immediately closing ? The GD00Z will not report events that close together. Make sure you test is open door, wait 2min or so. Close door. In normal use I have never had my GD00Z fail to report correctly. I have had the same battery in my tilt sensor for almost 1 year now.

I have it as a contact sensor on the garage door

I have the magnet on a plastic arm connected to the top of the garage door and the sensor screwed to the timber in the roof just to make sure the metal door was not interfering with the magnetic field and it worked fine, it would report when the garaged door was opened and then again when it shut, once it started to stop reporting that’s when I moved it to the outside of the garage just to see if it worked again…

This is what makes me think it’s a simple battery issue , but it is showing 77%

Oh, that’s if the battery %age is correctly reported


Tonight I lost control of all my devices. They just showed “turning on” and none would update within the app. None of the rules/triggers I built worked tonight either. Several switches kept turning on - ie, my bathroom fan is set to run when humidity goes up and off when it comes back down. The fan kept turning on even though humidity was low even though I had to manually turn it off at the switch each time. Ouch!

Last update 2.0.7 fixed everything. Still, a heads up would’ve help my patience.

Thanks anyway.