Random arming of smart home monitor

I have the smart home hub and Xiaomi sensors on all of the doors and windows. Have set smart home monitor to automatically arm and disarm in the evening and when nobody is at home.

My problem is that it occasionally arms itself and unclear to me what is triggering it. When I look under the my home notifications in the original SmartThings app I can not see any trigger event that should have armed the system.

For presence detection I use my tado (smart thermostat) via the SmartThings integration. This already reliably sets my heating and arms and disarms my blink although this is via ifttt rather than smart things. Was hoping to use the tado presence to also set the SmartThings home security to armed state.

The evening is done by simple timer.

Any thoughts in terms of the best way to problem solve this and identify what is causing the random arming of the system.

I’m new to SmartThings but loving the capabilities of the product.

I"m going to guess this is causing the arming. Check your configured conditions to arm, then go to each device part of the arming condition using the Classic app, look at the recently tab and you’ll see at somepoint the devices met your condition which triggered the rule. So the issue is more likely with your devices which are triggering the condition.

Presence sensors can be finicky at times. There’s a lot of information @JDRoberts has shared on this topic which you can browse on the community.


Rboy thanks for the response and for pointing me in the right direction.

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Ok. Random arming and disarming identified! I had set up an ikea switch as a back up to arm and disarm the smart home monitor…

An inquisitive 12 year old had been pressing it at random intervals wondering what it did…

Lesson learned. Hours of debugging later…