My Smart Home Monitor doesn't arm when I leave my home

I need help. I can’t trigger any of the arm/disarm security settings automatically when I come and go. Yes, location services are turned on always for the app. What else can I do to make this happen?

I also noticed that I’m always set to “Away” in my menu even if I have set myself to home. Not sure if that’s a related issue.

The best thing is probably just to get in touch with support, and they can look at your account to see what’s going on.

What are you using for your presence indicator? Just your phone or an arrival sensor or life 360 or?

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My presence based arming routine stopped working too. The disarming routine works fine though. Fun Fun.

I think you can solve the problem by using geofencing. You can do this by simply putting your smart thing with an invisible virtual fence and whenever somebody crosses the fence the sensor will automatically change its state. Always remember to keep this fencing in the entrance of your house so it will arm and disarm automatically. For better results you can consult a security professional(