Home monitor problem

I am trying to automatically have my home security to arm at midnight and to disarm at 6 am. I have set the routines for the sensors to stay and have input the times. However after setting everything the alarm goes off when movement is sensed during the daytime hours. Am i doing something wrong?

From your description, I would expect you to have a Routine with a Time trigger condition set to run at midnight and the action Change Security Mode to Armed (Stay). I would expect you to have a similar Routine set to run at 6am that that will Change Security Mode to Disarmed. When you edit Routines there are links to test the actions. Have you tried those to make sure the Security Mode can be changed?

When you create those Routines a push notification is normally also added as an action by default. Have you left those notifications in place? If so do you get them when the Routines are scheduled to run?

You should be able to visit Menu > History in the mobile app and see your Routines having run at midnight and 6am. Is that happening?

Home Monitor shows its current status. Have you confirmed that it is showing Disarmed during the day and Armed (stay) at night?

Yes I do have push notifications but I get nothing to say that the system has armed/disarmed. The history just shows which sensors have been triggered. Nothing about arming/disarming.

Can you post a screenshot of the routines that are not working the way you expect? Sometimes it’s just a matter of small details. :thinking:

Can you go into the routine, take the screenshot and post it?

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