Quick review of the Samsung Smartthings Cam (model GP-U999COVLBDA)

What’s in the box:

  1. Camera
  2. AC Adapter (Not USB)
  3. 2 Wall Anchors and 2 screws


  • 1080p with HDR (HDR can be toggled on/off)
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Person Detection
  • Rolling 24-Hours Free cloud storage (Clips not 24/7 recording)
    • Comes with 30 day trial of premium subscription
      • 24 hrs -> 30 Days
      • 4 Cameras -> 8 Cameras
  • Custom Activity Zone detection comes with free plan


  • Good Image Quality
  • Works well with Smartthings App (Good UX)
  • Can be used as a Motion and Sound sensor for other automations
  • Can be triggered to record by other sensors
  • Can be used as a device in Smartthings Classic App (No video feed in the Smartthings Classic App)


  • Camera does not rotate. It can only pivot up and down. (No Yaw or Roll)
  • Does not work with Google Assistant AFAIK. Camera is not a device type for autorization to Google or Alexa… May be a deal breaker for me
  • AC Adapter not USB - A standard usb cable can be bought in custom lengths for cleaner installations
  • Must use Smartthings App to setup camera (instead of Smartthings Classic)
  • Setup took me a while with multiple restarts of the app and the device to finally connect
  • Setup did not like my non chrome browser for login purposes
  • Minor: Doesn’t include more sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Lux)


Any questions just ask and i’ll do my best to answer.


Kinda shocked it works with Classic at all.

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One feature to add to the subscription is it goes from 10 second clips to 60 seconds and you can store up to 100 clips indefinitely.

@Brassyeti does the cam expose illuminance as an option in the new app’s custom automation creator?

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At the top of my Dislikes list:

  • No local storage (e.g., SD card) option

If you still have the box, can you verify the model number on it? Thanks!

@Brassyeti does the cam expose illuminance as an option in the new app’s custom automation creator?


  • Switch Power State
  • On
  • Off
  • Motion Sensor
  • Object Sensor
  • Sound Sensor
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Sound sensor could be helpful. :sunglasses:

what are the options for Object sensor?

what are the options for Object sensor?

Person Detected
No Person


Does it contain motion camera, so that a moving object can also be filmed easily.

Can I use this with the V2 hub? I see that it works as a device in the Classic app but no video feed.

How would I set up the camera and view video feed with a v2 hub?

You don’t need a ST hub at all. It connects directly to the internet and SmartThings cloud. Requires the new app, though.