Which camera to integrate?

Hi :slight_smile:

Im getting my ST this week and im really looking forward to change my current setup :slight_smile:

Currently I got two Wyze Cams outside and they work but I would like to integrate the cameras into ST so we can trigger routines, is that possible to do with the Wyze Cams or should I get something new?

Second I need a camera in my daughters room, but which should we get if we should think about ST?

Or should I just get a cheap one and skip ST with the cams?

Because as I understand there are problems with the Arlo cams and Ring cams, and Blink support is not nearly as good as I was?

Smartthings doesn’t work really well with any cameras, to be honest. Maybe their own new Wi-Fi camera, there haven’t been too many reports on that one yet, but the platform doesn’t even work with most of the Samsung models. :disappointed_relieved:

What features are you looking to integrate?

If it’s video you have limited options like an Arlo or Ring since SmartThings does not support custom video camera feeds in the new app.

If you’re looking for motion notifications in the new app then your options open up a little and you can look at Blink cameras and Foscam cameras also

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Thanks alot for your answers :slight_smile:

Yes it was motion detection so we could run an scene if there is motion outside :slight_smile: