New Samsung SmartCam / SmartThings camera


I already have 1 Samsung SmartCam with its own ‘SmartCam’ phone app (maybe 4 years old). I like it and wouldn’t mind getting a couple more. The only drawback is that this one has no integration with my SmartThings hub- I don’t know that I need that feature anyway.

If I get more in the future- do I get more that with with my Samsung SmartCam phone app or do I get ones that work with SmartThings. Is it beneficial to have a camera that works with ST?

Otherwise I would stick with Samsung SmartCam. What I’m trying to avoid is another app for my phone. $200 would be a lot of money for me… any recommendations?

good luck - Jim

I would consider any Samsung branded wifi camera end-of-life at this point. They may still work, but Samsung no longer sells consumer wifi cameras under their own brand. Instead they promote partner brands like Ring, Arlo and Nest. So I would probably go with one of those brands.

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I agree with Jimmy id buy something else.

As to being beneficial? You’re the only one who can answer that.

When I had Arlo integration with ST I would use the motion event off a camera to extend my automations. For instance, driveway lights on a dimmer at 33% from dusk to dawn EXCEPT when motion is detected. Kick lights to 100% and record.

Until recently i only had an Arlo in my garage and it also acted as my motion sensor for lifhting.

I also have Ring on the front porch and do the same thing as the driveway, except use the doorbell event in addition to motion reports. In most cases the front porch light changes to 100% as a visitor reaches about three paces from the front porch.

Most other use cases that immediately spring to mind include arm/disarm cameras in conjunction witb arrival /departure and STHM state.

All of these are valid use cases for me… Your mileage may vary.

For any camera I would look for something which works without Internet connection and can be accessed locally without any fancy solutions. Like it has a videofeed what can be accessed with VLC or by any other applications which supports live feeds, and it is available locally without restrictions.

Samsung’s cameras rely on their cloud infrastructure (ie.: SmartThings’ cloud), if they shut down any of that cloud infrastructure then the device will be just an expensive paperweight.
Just an example of this is the AT&T SmartThings Tracker which was discontinued by the 31st of October, 2021. Owners were offered a refund or electronic coupon for Samsung’s Store. (The trackers sold by Verizon are not discontinued (yet).)