Questions regarding tiles

Hey guys,

I do realize that is is most likely quite obvious but I just cant seem to get it. Also I have made sure I am on the right shard and all that, webcore and other apps show up just fine and the pistons run without error.

I am very new at this but I wanted to see how things worked so I went to and entered the weather forecast pistons into my smartthings/webcore and they run just fine without error but on my phone I cannot see anything about it. Where are these tiles suppose to show up? Do I have to do something to set up the actual tiles first? I would assume that they would just appear just like the presence tile did when I set up my phone for that type of service.

Even though the piston is running fine (it gives me a time delay output to show when it will run again in the main page of webcore) in my dashboard the only thing there is my 2 lights, my phone, and a button which is the only stuff I have connected at the moment. I do not know where else thing stuff is suppose to show up. I cannot see anything in the smartthings app either.

Please offer me a little guidance here! I would include screenshots up I am not sure what you want to look at, the pistons are just copied from the bin backups so its not a problem with me setting them up. I have made sure that the local variables are set correctly, and as I said they do run on their, I just can’t see the tiles it is suppose to make.

Tiles in webCoRE would appear on the webCoRE dashboard at

Hint: in the category settings where you placed the pistons (most likely uncategorized) you need to set it for Tiles and the size you wish (small, medium, large). By default, tiles is not selected.

You may also want to check out the examples on the webCoRE forum at

ok I will check it out, I did not have that option set up but no matter the tile option I choose there are still no tiles for either weather forecast piston even though they are both running… I guess there is more not set up correctly? I will look at the link you sent now.

Ok well the weather stuff might not be showing up because the example on the link i sent uses the deprecated weather underground API but I also have the presence piston running from the example list on that same page and there are no tiles for any of them even though the actual presence sensor does show up in dashboard and smartthings app.

command optimization needs to be disabled on the piston

the tiles will not load until the piston runs so I don’t know what that setting is for your particular piston. if they run every 30 minutes to check for the weather, thetiles would not load until that time.

yes, that would cause them not to load. hold on, looking up the new ones

ok, that was most certainly the issue, now the tiles pop right up. Thank you for the insights here.

I assume that the presence tiles are not appearing because the ‘on presence’ event has not been sent from the device yet do to me not leaving the activation area today. Hope it kicks in when I go to town tomorrow.

I was really just trying to make sure everything was working so I could know whether it was the code or my setup that was stopping things.


correct :slight_smile: