Custom presence in ActionTiles/DakBoard using WebCore

I wanted to share a little project I’ve been working on that displays a nice graphic representation of your presence in the likes of ActionTiles and DakBoard. It works in conjunction with webCoRE by updating your presence to a server side database and then utilizing custom PHP to format the output that you can place into ActionTiles, DakBoard screensaver or wherever you want really.

  1. Display any location such as Home, Work, School, Mall, Gym etc. The number of locations is endless.
  2. Shows a customized image instead of an icon with a colored circle red for away, green for home.
  3. Customize the tile size and background to match your existing tiles.
  4. Show time arrived/left a specific location.

Some screenshots:

Installation and Usage


  1. ActionTiles/DakBoard or any frontend capable of displaying an image from a URL.
  2. SmartThings Classic App for iOS.
  3. webCoRE piston & webCoRE app on phone.
  4. Webserver with PHP and GD.
  5. MySQL database.



When you say “requires SmartThings,” that’s the Classic app, right? Or does this also work with the new app (“smartthings (Samsung connect)“ )

Presence works a little differently in the two apps.

You’re basically going to use the webCoRE presence device (webCoRE app on your phone) and not the presence built into the SmartThings app.

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Ok, but you’ll still need the classic app to use webcore.

I just mention it because we have a number of new community members coming in with the new hubs which require the new app to set up, and some of them are not intending to use the classic app at all. Which is fine, it’s just we need to be a little more detailed on specifications these days because of the alternate configurations. :sunglasses:

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Gotcha. So you are saying webCoRE doesn’t work with the new SmartThings app? I’m still on Classic myself.

It doesn’t work unless you also have the classic app to set it up. That’s true of all custom code Smartapps.

There are a lot of community members using both apps for now, but since the company has already announced that the classic app will be going away, they just haven’t given a timeframe for it, quite a few of the new people coming in don’t want to install the classic app.

Good to know, thank you! I’ve updated the post and info on github.

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Might be worth mentioning that the WebCoRE presence sensor only works on iOS, as I believe that the Android version hasn’t worked in quite a while, or had horrendous battery drain issues to the point where people just stopped using it.


Done! Thank you!

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Hi there. Just wondering if you are able to run this on Rasberry Pi?


I have had inconsistent results from the webCoRE presence sensor and have recently switched to Life360. Can you use a custom presence using Life360? I already use Life360 in a couple of pistons.

I started implementing this without the webserver part. I’m only getting the webCoRE push notifications in the Classic app. Kind of weird because I have other webCoRE pistons that give me push notifications in both apps. odd. (Edit: this is because I didn’t click the option to save the push notifications in messages)

anyway, I was wondering if there is any guidance you may know of on how a noob can complete the webserver part. I’m trying to figure out how to set up a server with MySQL and PHP and am just stumped. (another edit: I got a friend to help me, though the php code and URL didn’t work without some tweaking by him)