Brand new to webCoRE, how to add a tile?

Just installed webCoRE and I’m trying to figure out how to add a tile/button/routine in the app that I can just press to do things. I have a basic understanding of how to set up pistons (I’m a web developer, so my brain works that way), but I can find any info online or in the wiki that explains how to get a tile or a button into the SmartThings app. Help?

Once you create a piston that uses the “Set piston tile” task, go to Settings, Categories, add a new category and set it to Tiles or any combination that includes Tiles, then go back to that piston and move it to the new category - the category dictates how it displays in the dashboard.


Is this information in the wiki?

It should be.

Wow. Everybody answers this question the same and it looks so simple. So how come it doesn’t work for me? I’ve done it 10 times this way and all it does when I change to tile is get rid of all the piston information. Also, I’ve seen posts referencing the top left saying “Home\Webcore tiles” but I am on "Dave’s House (ST hub address) \Dashboard (v03.10.c). Is it browser dependent? Original wiki said go to to register and that kept 522 timing out I found a post saying to go to and I can write pistons there, but no tiles

Your best place to find answers/example pistons and ask questions
for webCoRE is their community forum at

yes, webCoRE Dashboard was replaced by as the product evolved and improved.

OK, if you have written a piston for a tile, you need to go to Settings in the webcore dashboard and change the category it is assigned from Details to one of the selections with Tiles in the name: Tiles, Medium Tiles, Large Tiles, Details and Tiles.

And there are lots of example tiles on the webcore forum you can review and hopefully get started. If you have further questions, best to post over there. There are several users who enjoy helping others create pistons and teach how to use webcore.

Thanks again for the info. I guess what I missed in my dozen or so trips to wiki and “device tiles” sub-wiki was that I had to import a piston from a backup code provided there dependent upon the type device. I was trying to do it with the action button and I did get a tile for a door sensor, but just a fake - no open/closed info. Too bad because it had lots of color options unlike Smart Tiles. Also, did not know that a device had to be activated prior to the tile being visible (ie door open/closed). Thankfully I’m still learning - first day and all. Again, WebCore is a great platform and the members of this forum are terrific.