Webcore Dashboard Browser

I am complete newbie to webCoRE but love it so far. It was exactly what I needed to setup a vacation light schedule.

My first question is that when I go to my browser dashboard beta version on my computer, all of the Smartthings devices are grayed out like in photo. I was under the impression that I would be able to turn off/on switches thru the dashboard.


My 2nd question is that on the standard dashboard, I can only select Details/Tiles or Details to get the different categories to show up with the Pistons in those categories. With any other option, it only shows the categories and I cannot see any pistons in those categories.

Please help a newbie out. Thank you.

Best place to post your WebCORE questions are in their community forums…

I am not sure I fully understand your second question. Ha ha I re-read it. Yes, when you select details, it will list only the names of any pistons under that category (tiles will not show). When you select one of the sized tiles, it will only display pistons that are set up as tiles but leaves the name of the piston hidden. When you select details and any size tiles, you see both the tiles and the names of the pistons.

If just depends on how you want to view the dashboard.

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