Which dashboards are you referring to?

Just looking at all the beautiful tiles in the Webcore example area got me to wondering…in which Dashboard are you all placing these tiles? I keep seeing “this is what it will look like on the dashboard”, but im not sure which dashboard you are speaking of. I have Actiontiles, but it doesn’t work with Webcore. I really like the fancy look that I have seen of a lot of these tiles in Webcore. Ideally, I want a tablet placed on my wall with decorative device status and manipulation.

You will probably get the quickest answer if you ask your question in the webcore forum. That’s where most of the webcore experts hang out these days.

I’m also confused by your statement that WebCore doesn’t work with actiontiles. But again, The webcore experts should be able to help.


Basically, while browsing on this site and on the webcore community site, I have seen numerous colorful tiles. However, I have actiontiles (which I love by the way). I would like for my actiontiles tiles to look like those tiles. Hopefully, I didn’t confuse you too much there. I would like for my actiontiles to look like this:




As opposed to this:


Got it! THanks for letting me know that. Ive been searching high and low trying to make my actiontiles tablet look like that. I was getting a bit frustrated. With all the apps and integrations between them all, its hard to know what is what and what works with what…Smartthings, tasker, webcore, actiontiles, sharptools, IFTTT, etc…

I see now. Looking forward to it. I was starting to confuse and intertwine all of the various platforms