[QUESTION] Need a straight answer on runLocally and local execution cases explanation

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This questions have been going for around a while, but I don’t think they ever got a straight answer on them, so here they go:

1.- What exactly does ‘runlocally: true’ truly means and does?

  • Does that mean that the DTH gets downloaded into the hub and the Java Groovy code stays locally?
  • If so, do all capabilities, and/or methods or just some (like those native commands) run locally?

2.- what exactly does ‘executeCommandsLocally: true’ truly means and does?

3.- what exactly does 'genericHandler: “Zigbee” ’ actually do?

4.- If the hub loses internet connection, and the custom DTHs are on cloud (depending on the answer on question 1), what happens with the device?

  • If custom DTHs are not copied into the hub, how does the hub ‘know’ what should be the ‘closest’ default handler for that device?

5.- Based on the previous questions, what it all means after 0.35.x firmware gets deployed with the local automation rules (rules API) happening?

6.- Will local automation rules on the 0.35.x firmware be geolocked as smartapps to only US, or will it be distributed globally?

7.- (Added in an edit), what happens with STHM on a network with no internet? If the app doesn’t work locally (requires the cloud) as per comments done in this community, and you do “ST Button → Scene (home) → home mode (disarmed)”, do you effectively disarm STHM?

If you can help answer @nayelyz or point to who can, I’ll owe you months worth of coffee :stuck_out_tongue:


Edit: Will edit this post with all the historical references I can find.

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1,2,3, - do not use they are only for internal ST use and does not apply to custom device handlers

4 - nothing happens the devices don’t communicate until the internet is back online. This may change in future

5 - doesn’t apply to groovy device handlers, only rules and automations


And 6 was answered by both ady and Blake - no it’s core operations of the hub they will not be region locked.


Hey @RBoy, thanks for the answers, but I would prefer ST engineers to actually answer, I’ve seen statements (like the ones I added as reference) that do not align with what you mention (for 1 to 4) :worried:

7 - STHM is currently cloud only - so nothing happens. We don’t know the plan for that yet.

(an interested observer lookin gin from the outside though - looks like they can’t even think about that until local operation works for devices… So I’d wait and see. Personally this is why I use a dedicated alarm and just let ST see its status, my alarm doesn’t RELY on ST.)


Feel free to wait, they’ll give you the same answer, @RBoy Rboy is exactly right. - those flags are internal only and DO NOT affect how or why a DTH gets into your hub.

Selected DTHs are included with firmware updates. That’s the ONLY way they get local capable - period. You can add these flags till the cows come home and it won’t change anything. There’s a few threads around here somewhere where they did answer the local execution flag one.

What we need to do is press them to include more device handlers…


Hi, @chares! I asked our engineering team and @RBoy is right about points 1-5. @nathancu is also right about points 6 and 7.
Thanks, guys!


As always, thanks @nayelyz for clarifying :grinning:

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Anytime, @chares! Remember to mark the post that answered your questions as the Solution. Thanks!

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