Local Automations

I think a while back ST folks made some noise that (some?) automations would eventually be run locally on the hub. Has there been any progress toward that or has that gone by the wayside at this point? Just curious. It’s all fine if it doesn’t. I just finally got all but one webCoRE piston transitioned to the new automations, so a guy can hope. :man_shrugging:

They keep promising it, it’s not here yet. In fact there was a step backwards with the transition to the new V3 app because now only smart lighting automations are eligible to run locally. In the classic app a few of the smart home monitor (SHM) rules could also run locally but it appears that that is not true for the new app’s version, smartthings home monitor (STHM). :disappointed_relieved:

They have added more stock DTHs which can run locally over the last year, so that’s progress of one sort.

But as far as local processing of automations, we’re still in the “jam tomorrow“ phase.

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Ok, that’s what I figured, but I don’t follow too much around here these days, so I was hoping that I’d missed something. Thanks!

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There was certainly talk of the ‘Rules API’ being implemented locally in the hub eventually. Whether they have any intent to also run ‘Automations’ (in the new app sense) locally isn’t clear, just as it isn’t clear if they intend to reengineer Automations to use the Rules API when that is ready.

Has there been any progress? Not really any that is visible to the punters. In some ways it has gone slightly backwards. However it may be that there is a need to clear the decks of all the legacy stuff and then when new integrations and services appear they might already be ready for local execution. It is hard enough to get information about the current services so I guess we have to wait and see.