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So I’ve been battling my way through my devices trying to get as many as I can to run locally, mainly for speed especially for things like my doorbell which has quite a noticeable delay but what I noticed is that IDE shows a custom DTH for a Fibaro Dimmer 2 running locally??

I was under the impression a custom DTH cannot run locally but this one reports that it is?

Looking into the DTH I found “runLocally: true, executeCommandsLocally: true”

So out of curiosity I popped this into a couple of other custom DTH and lo and behold they also say they are now running locally instead?

Is this right? Are they now running locally?

I’ve only done minimal tests so far but it does seem that this trick is making some things run local instead of on the cloud, for example I also have some Fibaro double switches and the main switch on them now says running local too, although I tried the trick on the slave DTH and although it shows as slave and the switch physically works it stops working in the app?

Hope someone can give some good technical feedback on this, certainly would be better if we can get more things running locally like this…

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It was my understanding that marking these to run local does nothing for dths that run in the cloud. That what gets run on the hub is not the same groovy code that runs in the cloud. If there is no local code that can run, marking them as to run local would not make them run local.

But I could be wrong.

You might find the following thread helpful.

Basically once upon a time the IDE would barf if runlocally was set to true and this was seen as particularly confusing when basing handlers on standard code that included that flag as you couldn’t immediately save them. Then things were changed in a fashion that I for one find a whole lot more confusing.

I believe @professordave has produced a reasonable summary. Probably. Possibly. I find the whole idea is strange.

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