Question about SmartThings hub app


I have a couple Wemo switches and a Wemo mini smart plug along with a Nest thermostat. I was wondering if I got the SmartThings hub and android app if I could eliminate the Wemo and Nest apps on my phone and just operate my things with the SmartThings app.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

(Jody) #2

You would be able to control your Wemo switches with the SmartThings app but the configuration is still done in the Wemo app. Same thing goes for Nest, but it is not an officially supported device yet* so you can control it with a community made SmartApp and DTH.

(Pizzinini) #3

Nest is not an officially supported device “yet”? :grinning: Tell is more… :thinking:

(Jody) #4


(jkp) #5

While you can control these devices from the ST app as @jody.albritton stated. I would recommend NOT removing the Wemo/Nest apps from your phone.

(Anthony S.) #6

i think under the new API there will be an integration

(Benji) #7

Official Nest integration?!



Any updates on what ‘yet’ might mean? :wink: