Integrating with a Nest

So, I am looking for a thermostat to control my GE wall-mount a/c unit (it looks like a common one at apartment complexes and hotels – and it appears, though I will tear into it tonight, to have a thermostat bus). I could go the quick and easy route and just get a Zigbee or Z-Wave thermostat. I’ve looked at a few. But, I really love the way the Nest looks. It appears that there are a few unofficial APIs ( and Does anyone have any experience with these devices? What benefits (I assume more finer monitoring) would I gain with NOT getting a Nest? It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to write a SmartApp interface to connect a Nest.



Well, I guess my particular situation no longer applies, as my GE AJCQ10DCBM1 a/c that my apartment complex uses does not have a dedicated thermostat control bus… One of the connectors may serve the same purpose, or the IR remote control might be of use with an IR blaster. But, the Nest discussion is worth it, at the least.

I am planning to look at integrating the Nest into my smartthings hub.  I think the best approach will be to implement something along the lines of:

Converting the python code to groovy on the smartthings shouldn’t be that hard.  I am just trying to get all my other existing devices up and running before I start trying to tackle the nest integration.



Any update on integrating Nest with SmartThings? Hoping to do the same over here. :slight_smile:

Having independent access to the various pieces in the nest would be amazing - temp, motion, etc. I sincerely hope that Nest sees the value of expanding the capabilities of their (dropdead gorgeous) hardware, and makes no attempt to put a stop to SmartThings integration, as they are a natural match.

I started playing around with integrating with their existing REST API. Still feeling my way around the development environment, device types, apps, etc. Has anyone else started on this? I feel like the Smart Things folks kinda gave the impression they’d be putting effort into hacking the Nest as well. I’d hate to go too far if someone more familiar is already on the path to getting this working.

I’ve started building a device type for Nest, but right now I’m using a middleman web service to actually communicate with Nest. I don’t know that I would try building a contained device type until the documentation is substantially improved (read: exists).

To see a full demo of Nest Thermostat working on SmartThings please visit

@juano2310 Are you using a middleman web service or does your SmartThing device type communicate directly with Nest?

Are you willing to share your device type code?

@dianoga I posted the code in my last post Think Make Lab

That’s awesome Juan. I saw you on the dev hangout earlier and thought I’d give it a try. Unfortunately, it looks like it is crashing on Android, but your progress is admirable.

I’ve got my Nest device type working and talking directly to Nest.

Good Morning,

When I jumped into the Smartthings world, I already had a NEST Thermostat and several Nest Protect Smoke/CO alarms…. I’m not really interested in integrating the Protects at this point (If i could use the Motion Detection in these gizmos, I’d change that tune!), but I wanted thermostat accessible from SmartThings…

I installed the Nest Device Type created by, and it worked very well…. Until I upgraded to the V2 hub…

Now, when I go to my Nest in Smartthings, I get “- -“ in the Red Head and Blue Cool circles, and the Current Temp Box…

It doesn’t help to “refresh” either…

Has the V2 Hub rendered this thing inoperable at this point?

I just re-installed and re-published the Nest Device Type, with no success…

Any assistance would be appreciated…


Tim Johnson