Question about new Arlo integration

What if I don’t want double notifications or double recordings? I have set mine up to no recording in Arlo with push notification. I disabled Arlo’s push notification on my phone, but still see the recordings on Arlo app and ST. Anyway to eliminate the doubles?

Yes I get that screen in arlo app and I dont get motion notifications however in the dark the ir red of the cameras fire up on motion. Like I said, netgear have checked it on their system and confirm they get the same and have escalated to their Dev team

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Ok, super strange. Here is the thing, not seeing the red leds light up at night has been my indication that the cam is not on.

What are the firmware versions on your Netgear gateway and camera?

Good thinking, here are mine for comparison:


The issue I think is with Arlo as it happens outside of Smartthings as well.

Here is the link to an explaination on the arlo community.

My arlo details are:

arlo hub = 1.7.5_6178
arlo camera = 1.2.4941

My Smartthings details are:

hubcoreVersion: 000.015.00003

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Please go into the camera’s device edit screen in ST and set Night Vision to “Off” and then tap “done”. Do the IR lights still come on?

Yes I can confirm it is the Night Vision option, if it is configured to auto and the camera is inactive it will still fire on motion. If it is set to off and the camera is inactive then it stays off

Do you have the ST mode in Arlo set up to record? I don’t, maybe that’s the difference. I have the night vision enabled.

I’ve just set 3 cameras up. 2 inside and 1 outside.

I’ve configured the outside camera in arlo to not record when motion is recorded - the 2 inside ones are recording.

The active/inactive state of the cameras is being managed by the Goodbye and I’m back routines and there are all on SHM.

Is there a way to record from the outside camera when an Intrusion is triggered inside the house?

I can confirm the night vision bug also.
My indoor camera has been there with original batteries for 8 months, last week they showed 77% battery left. Then today I received an email from Arlo saying the batteries are low, only 6% left.
I checked the cameras, and even when off in SmartThings, they are registering movement throughout the day, with all the red lights lighting up! Destroying the batteries needlessly. They should be sleeping. The “workaround” is to change night vision from “Auto” to “Off” within the cameras settings in SmartThings, BUT then when they are Armed you lose night vision! Rendering them pretty useless at night. I’m reticent about putting new batteries in there until this is fixed. Hopefully it will be soon.

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My Arlo cam’s did this before I had ST, must have been an Arlo update that changed it.

Do I understand it right? You can see the red lights during the day when the camera is switched off? I don’t see that. Nothing but I have the night vision switched on.

That’s correct! It is still registering motion all day even with the cameras turned off in SmartThings! All the red lights come on every 30 seconds, from my own experience, this has only started since I integrated with SmartThings.

As was previously posted Arlo are aware and hopefully working on a fix very soon.
Before SmartThings integration it was very simple, you just had Armed and Disarmed, and when it was Disarmed the camera went into hibernation, obviously. Now it seems, SmartThings are using them as a motion sensor, even when “Off”!

Hello Arlo people, can you share screen shots of what it looks like on Smartthings? Also can you view still/videos on Smartthings app or do you have to go to the Arlo app for that?

Love your idea, SBDOBRESCU. This solves some of my problems with other devices. The problem I am having with the custom rule I created is that although I set the camera to record when motion is detected, (the camera does turn on), it does not record the video either in Smartthings or ARLO. It appears to me that in order to take a video and share it with ARLO an intrusion notice must be generated.

What I am trying to accomplish is to get a push notification and a video of someone at my front door without triggering an intrusion alert. Examples: a car entering my driveway, the mailman or UPS dropping off a package without ringing my doorbell to notify me or advance notice of someone trying to enter my home illegally.

While I am on this subject, the same thing happens if I set “Away” or “Away (Stay)” from the home screen in Smartthings. The only way I can get the cameras to record and share video is to arm the system from the “Rules” page, (either the “Goodbye” or “Home” rules, but then an intrusion alert is generated.

That’s what my custom SHM does, without SHM being armed. Are you sure the cam is on (it must be active before the motion event)…

See for example my cams. I get notified on motion events from the front, but not from the back, because the back cam is not active

1-the device view, image is black until you tap it then streams
2-the device motion events
3-SHM view of event, can play the videos right there(arlo doesn’t have any stills that I have seen with or without smartthings)

Yes. The camera comes on, shows that is is turned on in the “Things” and active in the “Right Now” and I ger a push notification on my smart phone that ARLO has detected motion, but it does not record any video.