SmartThings/Arlo Issues

I have Arlo and SmartThings integrated:
SHM Security: away… sensors set to doors and indoor motion sensors; stay… sensors set to doors; push notifications to my phone; video record 4 arlos for 1 minute
Arlo Mode: SmartThings mode selected, no rules are in it though (they disappeared a few weeks ago when I tried to disable notifications)

I manually ran the “good bye” routine this morning and it set SHM armed away. 30 minute later I had a false alarm motion detect in garage (not an Arlo motion sensor).

1-SmartThings app shows motion on all the Arlos (notifications). In SmartThings notification history it shows “motion on arlos”, but there wasn’t really, they just recorded.
2-in SHM View Alert, shows intrusion for first motion, then began recording for each camera (this seems correct, as I want it). However, 2 of the 4 cameras still show clip generating 15 minutes later. Tapping on it goes to the DH and I can connect / view live (cameras are still alive).
3-in SHM View Alert, the 2 cameras that appear to have recorded (show a camera still image) won’t play anything when I tap play button (elapsed time shows 0:00, scroll doesn’t move). Also download button does nothing. Actually after 5 minutes, says I have a 700KB mp4 file downloaded but none of the four video playback options on my Samsung s4 could play it.
4-after clearing the alert in SHM, go into SHM history. Shows two separate events at same time. First for the other motion sensor intrusion detection(it shows same results as #2 and #3). Second event shows motion on one of the Arlo cameras and shows 8 “clip generating” placeholders all at same time.

This doesn’t seem correct to me, is there a setup issue? Others have similar concerns?

Some aspects of your issues seem like typical camera motion false alerting. Not reliable enough for security / alarm horns / armed response - but IMO good enough for remote notification and investigation.

Some aspects of your issues, seem like “typical” ST logged alerts by spurious events (possibly caused by extremely high latency or cloud sync problems between multiple hosts).

These conditions are some of why I don’t trigger alarm horns for ST or camera events. Just killer bees (don’t worry they usually aren’t lethal).