SmartThings is Matter certified


The following is as expected from previous announcements, but still somewhat disappointing:

While the upgraded hubs will still support Zigbee and Z-Wave, they won’t be Matter bridges, at least not anytime soon. “We don’t have a plan to support that function yet,” says Jung. “SmartThings users will be able to continue to use those devices connected to a SmartThings hub, but existing Zigbee and Z-Wave devices won’t be exposed to Matter.”

Also note that V3 hubs will be a thread border router, but V2 hubs will not. That’s going to confuse some people, but of course if the person has either an echo device or a Google Home device which is a Thread border router, they may not even notice.

The good news is that SmartThings v3 hubs (now made by Aeotec) and the $35 dongle for Samsung appliances with SmartThings software hubs will become Thread border routers. “We worked with Silicon Labs to use software to simultaneously run Zigbee and Thread using the same hardware chipset,” says Jung. “Once we roll out the software, SmartThings v3 hubs will support both Zigbee and Matter over Thread devices, along with the dongle, too.”


So the V2 hub is going to be a bit ThreadBare… ;o)


a couple cool bits I learned in that article:

  1. The zigbee dongle for 2022 TVs and Fridges with hub built in is also getting update to Thread
  2. It looks like they’re opening up the Life Services apps like SmartThings Energy, Air, Pet, etc to other SmartThings devices. Currently they’re restricted to only Samsung Appliances

I also wonder if the current public beta hub firmware 45.9 is the one for Matter? I would think so if it’s going live in two weeks.

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I posted this in the firmware thread, but it’s likely more appropriate here.

Spotted this when I was poking around in the updated Android app.

Assuming it was enabled with the firmware update, but i don’t recall seeing it during the beta.

App + firmware = Thread?


Matter logo now displayed on the bottom of the hub page in the app as well.


"…By not enabling the bridge function in its hubs, Samsung’s claim of pursuing platform openness with SmartThings rings just a little hollow. It’s the only platform of the big four that supports both Zigbee and Z-Wave devices… This meant Samsung had a unique opportunity it didn’t take. "

Exactly how I thought it’d play out.


Not making their TVs Matter certified is also suspicious. The matter spec supports control of playback devices.


@JDRoberts Thanks for clarifying. Still a little confused and appreciate if you can comment
I have an ST Hub v2. I also have an (old) google home speaker and alexa echo embedded on a thermostat. I have integrated STs with both Google Home and Alexa

My reading
-ST Hub v2 is already matter compatible (I can see the logo on the app) but not support thread
-My google home speaker and alexa thermostat won’t get anything I am sure. Too old

If I get a Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) which is (future plan) Thread compatible: Do I close the loop (ST+Google Nest combined) and have all the matter/thread support in a integrated fashion?

Google is offering a deep discount on next hub 2nd Gen and wondering whether I should jump on it

It’s supposed to work that way, but I have not yet Heard of anyone using it in practice. It’s still early days.

Thanks, actually even though is a good deal not sure if I need to rush in since I don’t have any immediate plans to buy a matter/thread device (nor they are readily available). Given the maturity of the protocol maybe wait it out for now (I would be very happy if my wyze cams would be supported at some point)



Did you eventually go this route? I am asking because I am considering to go the same route and I was wondering if you have had any success. I know that Eve have some matter compatible devices I and wanted to know if you tested them or other matter capable devices.


No, I end up not buying Nest Hub. I have no matter devices or near term plans to buy one so I thought no point and likely better to wait for things to mature anyway.


Thanks Gabriel. :slightly_smiling_face: