Matter enabled smart lock

I have a schlage zwave lock that i would like to replace. Im looking to avoid buying anither zwave lock & would like to future proof if possible. I ha e come across a yale lock that is matter capable but it says i need a border router. I premelty have a smarttthings v2 hub & tv that is also a hub but im not sure if this would work with my tv. I could buy the smartthings station if i need it. I always like the lockly lock but im thinking thats not compatible with smartthings & i have found nothing when i googled searched it. I could buy a zigbee lock i guess but with all this hupe about matter i figired why not go all in. @JDRoberts what are my options… im thinking few not many.

The following FAQ details what you will need for a matter device. In your case, since you have a V2 hub, if you get a device that uses matter over thread, you will also need a thread border router… that could be a smart thing station, but you might already have one, as several of the Amazon echo devices are thread border routers, and so are most of the Google nest home devices and Apple HomePod mini.

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?

All of that said, I haven’t heard of anyone actually using a matter lock with SmartThings yet, so I’m not sure if, for example, it supports all of the SmartThings guest lock access features or not. @Automated_House might know. :thinking:

Note: The Station does not have a z-wave radio so if you currently have other z-wave devices they would need to stay on your current v2 hub.


No google in my home (dont like them) but my tv is a samsung & its a hub also.

@jkp i know how samsung is moving a way from zwave so i want to try, if possible to look at zigbee or matter devices but i dont want to give up options with matter. Oh @JDRoberts my alexa devices are older ones so they are not thread either.

I recently got the Yale Approach lock (no matter support at this time). Right now I am using the WiFi August/Yale Connect to integrate it with ST. Yale has said there will be Matter support by Thread sometime this year so keeping my fingers crossed. Currently missing my Apple Homekit integration as it does not have it until Matter is supported.

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If you want to get a thread border router and you can wait a few weeks, the Amazon prime day sales usually start early on echo devices. And that’s in addition to the 20 to 25% off you can get for a trade-in of one of your old echo devices.

The new echo hub is a nice dashboard device.



Otherwise, the echo 4th generation (The regular echo, not any of the dots) is a thread border router.

I’m planning to replace one of our old echo shows with the echo hub once it goes on sale. :sunglasses:

I read about the new echo with a smart home interface so i wouldnt mind that. So my tv is not a thread border router? (If i said that right) is the smartthings station a thread border router? Now if im correct, with new matter devices, are certain features not avialable if used with differnet hubs? An example would be eve smart outlet, some features are not usable with smartthings & you would have to use rhe app & im guessing an eve hub. Not to sou.d.stupid but it somwtimes seems like smartthings went backwards where back in the day just about everything could work with smartthings with a tweak here & there. @JDRoberts i am.keeping my eye on apple homekit as i am not an apple person but it seems is putting effort into there smart home now

On the TV, it depends on the specific model. If it is a Samsung tv that has a built-in Zigbee hub, Then it is also probably a thread border router. But some of the TVs only support matter over Wi-Fi, unless you add an additional dongle.

Eve doesn’t make a hub Because their devices that work with SmartThings are using matter over Thread. They do make a smart plug which is also a thread border router if you don’t have anything else.

Eve has put a lot of effort into custom integrations with SmartThings, and as far as I know, all of their features are available in SmartThings, including energy reporting.

It’s true that for many brands their matter integrations have either fewer devices or fewer features than their cloud to cloud integrations, so it just depends on the details of what you need.

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@jkp the yale approach is different from the yale lock sl with matter? Im thinking that lock & the smartthings station…maybe it will be on sale peime day & possibly after add the echo with smart home interface. @JDRoberts im gonna goole my tv ro see what it supports.

The yale approach is their new retrofit lock so you keep your existing exterior hardware for keys. It is based on the August model from a few years back but the new Yale lock is smaller. They offer two keypads (one has fingerprint reader) that can be mounted anywhere. The Yale approach is also cheaper than the Lock SL. But again, Matter Support is expected later this year with a firmware update so you need a wifi module (Yale Connect or August Connect) in the interim.

For any lock you plan to purchase, wait for Prime Day in July… and don’t buy on first day as prices may drop lower.

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I should point out: With the Yale Connect module and Wifi - lock codes can’t be set in Smart Lock Guest Access. You will need the Yale or August apps to set your codes.

I am assuming with Matter, you will be able to set codes through SLGA???

If i read correctly, the lock codes ate managed through sgla.

I’m using the Yale Matter over Thread module in my first gen Yale Assure deadbolt. It DOES allow maintaining user codes with SLGA. In fact its the only Matter controller I have that can maintain codes.


Are there any new features or is a lock still a lock? I was looking at lockly & man that thing makes a sorr lock exciting … but i believe it doesnt really work with smartthings? Well no matter what at least eventually ill have some new toys to fiddle with.

@jkp @JDRoberts @Automated_House i do have one maybe general question… as more matyer devices come out, would a smart home user want to invest in those peoducts as he/she updates thier home or sticknwith zigbee? I ezcluded zwave because samsung is not supporting zwave products with all their new hubs.

That is a good question. I believe is a subject every user is going to need to decide for themselves. Choice is good!

There is still much to be done with Matter before many users will adopt it.

For myself, I plan to switch from zigbee to thread or wifi to wifi with Matter support. That would occur when any current zigbee or wifi device fails or I phase them out according to the life cycle I set for them or any new device I plan to add.

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I have a similar plan, although I still like Zigbee for some purposes (and there are still a lot more device choices than with thread) but I will be looking for Zigbee devices that can be bridged to matter, such as the ones from Hue or aqara.

For me personally the biggest advantage of Matter is that it increases the number of devices that I can use simultaneously with Apple home and Alexa. But other people will have other reasons to find it more or less valuable to them.

I’ve got the Eve Energy plug-in outlet that is Matter over Thread and I’m very happen with it. If I needed to replace any of my Z-Wave outlets, I’d probably go with their duplex in-wall outlets that are dual switched (which would be a nice upgrade from my GE/Jasco outlets). I’m currently using the Matter over Wi-Fi switches and dimmers from Leviton at my second home and am quite pleased with those. That would be my choice to replace Z-Wave at my primary residence unless Matter over Thread devices come out from another reputable vendor.

Both Eve and Leviton cost a bit more than other brands but are 1) UL certified; and 2) well made and well supported.

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I have the Aqara U200 Matter, Homekey etc. Smartlock which I got through kickstarter.
For public sale Q3/4.
It is working with ST and Smart Lock Guest Access, Google, Alexa and Apple.
I have been testing it for a few days and the only bug I have is if the ST V3 hub is rebooted the lock goes offline and doesn’t come back online until I remove and replace the battery. I have a support call with Aqara ongoing.
Other matter/thread doorlocks include Aqara U300, Anona, Arre, Nuki, Schlage, SecuYou, Ultraloq, Ultion Nuki and Yale.

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