Qubino DIN dimmer bi-stable ? Need help writing device handler to change parameters

Dear community,
I have just started my smart things journey and installed a Qubino metered dimmer for DIN mounting to control my outdoor lighting.

It works very well using the standard Z-wave metered dimmer device handler but it doesn’t include the possibility to set any parameters.

I need to change from the default setting of using a push button into a bi-stable which would be to change parameter 1 into value 1.

I tried to create a customer handler based on this handler as a template but im not so used to the syntax. Could someone please advice?

Parameter no. 1 – Input switch type
Available configuration parameters (data type is 1 Byte

  • default value 0
  • 0 mono-stable switch type (push button)
  • 1 bi-stable switch type

To create a device handler specifically for this you would want to create preferences for all the configuration options and implement the configuration capability, but that’s somewhat involved.

If all you’re really trying to do is change that one configuration value you can create a new device handler using that template and:

Temporarily replace:

def updated() {    


def updated() {
    response([zwave.configurationV1.configurationSet(parameterNumber: 1, size: 1, scaledConfigurationValue: 1).format()])

Once you’ve done that, publish the device handler, change the device type to the new device handler, go into the device settings from the mobile app and save that screen.

Saving that screen should have changed that configuration value so then you can either switch back to the original device type or put the “updated” method back to what it was before you changed it.

Thanks for your help. The code works and I can control the relay with the bi-stable switch. But for some reason I cant switch it on/off via the app anymore. As soon as I reset that parameter it works again.

I think I give up and rely on the Smart light smartapp instead.

Dear JCA or anyone else,

I’ve just started my ST adventure with the Qubino DIN dimmers.

Could you please specify the device handler you did use (e.g. copy of code)? Currently trying my 4th DTH with no luck…

Thanks in advance!