Easy way to change a single parameter?

Hey guys,

After being very happy with the Qubino Flush Dimmer (thankfully I don’t need to change any parameters on it, so the generic “z-wave metering dimmer” handler works fine for now) I decided to pick up a couple of Qubino Flush Relays during the monday sale at vesternet.

Flicking through their manual I noticed that the default for switch type is the opposite to their dimmers, it is set at default to bi-stable.

Since I would like to use a push switch with these, ideally I would like to change that parameter but smartthings doesn’t really make life easy there!

So short of having to write a custom device handler, which I have fairly comprehensively proved I am currently unable to do when trying to figure one out for the Dimmer, is there an easy way to just alter one parameter by popping some code into a generic handler, then switching back to the original generic handler once the config has been sent?

Cheers for any help,


P.S. the parameter in question is:

Parameter no. 1 – Input 1 switch type
Available configuration parameters (data type is 1 Byte DEC):
- default value 1

  • 0 mono-stable switch type (push button)
    - 1 bi-stable switch type