Qubino Mini Dimmer ZMNHHD1

Just bought 2 of these Qubino Mini Dimmers.
Has anyone written a custom device handler for these units.
As default, it comes up as a Z-Wave Metering Dimmer, so all you can do is switch it on/off, and control dimming. You cannot get access to the device parameters.

If there isn’t a DTH - you can always use

Z-Wave Tweaker [BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker

You basically change the device handler to Z-wave tweaker, use it to see current parameters and settings, and update. You then switch back to your original DTH.

I’ve used it for various devices.

Hope that’s helpful!

Perhaps the flush dimmer DTH from here could work, or be easily modified?

Thanks for the replies. I looked at the Z wave tweaker, and it gives access to the parameters. But then it doesn’t work as a dimmer.
I would like a handler that allows parameter access, and full functionality.
JohnConstantelo, I looked at the handler for the flush dimmer. I have never written code for these handlers. How would I go about modifying the code.

Just following up on this topic. Is anyone else using the Qubino Mini Dimmer.
I have a couple of Figaro dimmers, and I’m using the custom handler from here, and it works perfectly.
But I have space constraints in a couple of my wall boxes, so decided to try the Qubino Mini.
It works, but definitely not as well as the Fibaro.