[QE65S95B] Disable turning on external devices on power-up?

I asked this same question in the Samsung forum but a moderator closed it giving as a solution to ask in this forum. So here I am.

A few days ago I bought a Samsung TV model QE65S95B and the problem is the following:

I have several devices connected to the TV: PS5, Xbox, a sound bar and a video player. All are HDMI-CEC enabled, including the TV.

I have “Autorun Smart Hub” enabled and “Autorun Last App” disabled.

The Smart Hub has a box called “Recents” and when I turn on the TV it always focuses on that box. The problem is that if one of the external devices is in " Recents", the TV turns them on even if I am not going to use them and does not turn them off when I turn on another one or another application.

Energetically speaking, this is awful. In my opinion this is a defect that should be corrected.

Is there any way around this (without disabling HDMI-CEC)?

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Hello! I have the same problem on QE55S95 (oled 2023). Please Samsung, fix this issue on Tizen!

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