Anyone have their TV power integrated? I would like ST’s to be able to my tv on and off, but still use the tv power button and remote, which rules out a smart outlet. Thought maybe i could have the outlet automatically come back on and the tv would stay off, but it comes back on.
I know some are trying to use an IR blaster, but haven’t seen any good solutions.
Chromecast got me thinking HDMI-CEC is the best way to go about it- can turn on and off and switch inputs- AND I believe it knows if it is on or off, which is the problem other IR.
Would this device work? http://rainshadowtech.com/HdmiCecUsbTcpIp.html
can’t imagine why not!

Sorry for bumping this really old thread, but it’s the only CEC-Smarthings post I found that was asking for a general CEC interface (i.e. not Harmony or some LAN-based Smart TV setup).

Anyway, I have an intel NUC running Ubuntu that I’m using for some ST-proxy stuff (pool controller and Honeywell security/envisalink) that I ordered a CEC module for and hope to get that working to expose my receiver/TV/DVD to ST (the AV equipment is old). Will update if/when I get it working.

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Anyone got something CEC to work with SmartThings ?

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