Samsung TU700D randomly turns on / no history in hub v3 or Alexa

Anybody else noticing their Samsung TV turning on randomly? I’ve been through the events list on the IDE and through my Alexa history, but can’t see anything commanding it on. I do see “placeholder” as devicetype in the IDE, so I presume that a new edge driver is in place. Perhaps there are some wrinkles to iron out there.

TV responds to Alexa command and to SmartThings control. It’s turned itself on several times in the past two weeks.

update - pretty sure it’s an Alexa integration issue. The TV is in the same room as an Enerwave dual relay - I noticed yesterday that control of the second relay triggered the TV.

The TV has a “placeholder” device type in the IDE. The Enerwave relay is in as a z-wave dual switch.

research continues . . .