Samsung TV not showing correct state

I have 3 samsung TVs on my network, recently they’ve all started showing the incorrect state in the logs, which is causing nightmares with some of my automation (I switch inputs on my amp, based on whether the TV is on or not). Basically, it’s reporting that the TV is offline, even though I’m sat here watching it, and watching netflix, so it’s definitely connected to the internet.

All of the TVs are on the latest software version and my hub is on 17.12. I think this has started happening since the last hub upgrade, but I can’t be sure.

Anyone else had similar problems / have a solution? I’ve tried removing and adding the TVs to see if that helps, but no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My tv has started doing the same thing. Always says it’s off even though it’s on but webcore pistons will turn it on and I get notifications fine so it’s kinda working.

I’ve not checked mine recently to see if there’s been any changes but I’ll look into it tonight.

What I’m trying to do with mine is also using webcore, but i’m trying to change the input on my Onkyo amp.

I have logic that basically says:

If TV = On
Set Amp input = TV
If TV = Off
Set Amp input = CD

(CD is the input for my Amazon Echo Dot).

Because the TV reports that it’s off/on in differing states, it keeps switching my Amp inputs… drives me nuts!!