Q70R Smart TV


I’m new to this community so please forgive me, if the Tag of the topic or something else is wrong :slight_smile:

I recently bought an Samsung Q70R (65 inches) Smart TV.
I added the TV to the SmartThings App on my smartphone, but i cannot see all information for the TV.

I get the power state and the APP which is started (TV, Disney+, Netflix…).
But i don’t get the TV Channel or the Volume.

Is this a bug, or isn’t this supported ??

Maybe someone of you have the same TV or knows what i have to do.

I have the 2019 Q60R and found the ST app integration a little underwhelming too. When it’s tuned to a terrestrial channel, I do see the channel number (but don’t get a channel logo) Whilst you can control the volume, you can’t see what it’s set to.

I was hoping for media controls for what was being played but it doesn’t seem to have it… I don’t think it’s a bug, I think they’ve just not added many features

I recently bought a Q series TV and thought as its Samsung the integration would be a life changing experience! …what bitter disappointment. I have had to add a Google Chrome Cast to be able to control it using voice commands, so don’t expect much from it.

I have a Q70 and the volume and channel icons come up on my phone. I use the remote that came with it for voice control and it works pretty good.

The volume level or the volume controls ? I wonder if the channel logos are regional? Where are you? I’m in UK

I’m in the US. The volume controls seem to work pretty well. I have a harmony hub hooked up and an A/V receiver. All the buttons work except for the touchpad and arrows.

As for the channel logos, I don’t see any.

I don’t really use the SmartThings app as a Q70 remote control, but when the HDTV is on, I can see this

I can also see input information. Like the channel it’s currently tuned to on the devices three Dot menu.

I do use the HDTV SmartThings integration for voice command control. Below is one of my previous posts about the Alexa voice control integration which also works from the Alexa app on my Android devices too so I don’t believe you need an Alexa/Fire TV device. I have the Alexa service and SmartThings connected. I can mute/unmute, change channels and select DTV or HDMI input changes, and so on using Alexa voice commands.

Also, if you have SmartThings devices (Hub, motion sensors, and stuff), the HDTV is now a SmartThings device. So, it can be used in SmartThings Automations. For example, like when the motion sensor in the living room is triggered in the morning, then turn on the HDTV to source TV for over the air so I can watch the morning newscast.