Samsung Q70R TV Smartthings app not showing all sensors

Hi everyone.

I recently purchased a new Samsung Q70R tv and unfortunately the Smartthings app doesn’t register all sensors synced with the V3 Hub. The phone app is correctly listing everything, but the TV app is missing 3 Xiaomi Temperature and himidity sensors, the Gas and the Smoke sensor (both Xiaomi/Honeywell). Any ideas why this happens?

The Ikea outlets, presence sensors, switches and bulbs are all listed, but none of the Xiaomi ones.

Also, is there a way of receiving notifications on the TV when let’s say a motion sensor detects movement? I remember seeing somewhere something like a pop-up notification from the upper right side that could show whenever a sensor is “activated”, but I can’t remeber where.

Thank you.

Hi! Quick question, I’m assuming you are connected through wifi, do you think anything in the configuration of your router might be producing the resources not to load?
Can you try connecting through cable?

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Hi @giskeimel and thanks for the reply.

Indeed it’s connected over wifi. Strange thing is that on the same network I have a phablet with kiosk browser and action tiles, which is working perfectly and showing all devices.

I’ll try using the ethernet cable and check the behavior, but I believe that using the ethernet cable will kill the option to turn on the TV using Google home.

I just bought the same TV but haven’t really looked at what might be missing. I usually use my cell or ActionTiles @tgauchat ; the TV seems to be a clunky way to get to ST immediately when required. It’s not turneed on all the time and you have to interupt your viewing to open the app. :wink:
Maybe there is a hot button on the remote to flip back and forth? I use a Harmony as the supplied remote is to minimalist for a geek. :slight_smile:

@daven same here. I am only interested in having some notifications when let’s say a sensor detects movement or alerts for smoke and gas.

You don’t have to open the full app on the TV actually, as it shows the devices in a short preview window when you hover over it.

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