Push notifications only go to one android device

(Toejough) #1

Hi there,

My wife and I each have an android phone, and I also have an android tablet.

My wife’s phone always gets push notifications.
My phone gets push notifications if my tablet is off.
If my tablet is on, my tablet gets push notifications and my phone does not.

Has anyone else experienced this? I searched the forums but I didn’t see any topics on this yet.

(Steve S) #2

Heh, I wish I could get push notifications to be directed to a particular phone… I would love to get notified of things, but not have to spam my wife’s phone. I know I can do this with text messages, but I’d like to use push.


I was going to reply about having the option of being notified only on one phone but Steve beat me to it. I just use my GV number for now while trying to figure things out.

(Chrisb) #4


I’ve never seen that before. I have ST installed on my phone and my wire’s tablet and we both get notifications for everything. I know some of the newer Android version have some advanced notification options… is it possible that on your tablet you have notifications turned off if the tablet is off? (This wouldn’t explain why your wife’s phone isn’t getting notifications when your tablet does of course).

For others… in Android 4.2 and up (I think) you do have the option to go into Apps and setup ignore any notifications from an app. Obviously this isn’t a pick and choose withing SmartThings. You either turn off all notifications from SmartThings, or you turn them all on. You can’t say just some SmartThings notifications come through and some don’t, unfortunately.

(Chrisb) #5

Now, it you want to really get complex, you can setup “Notify My Android.” This is program that allows you to collect notifications from a wide variety of sources and push them to your android device. One of those sources is a personalized email address linked to your NMA account.

I can’t remember… can SmartThings send emails yet? If so, you could send a notification through email to NMA, and then NMA would send a push to your phone/tablet.

(Toejough) #6


Either I’m reading your response incorrectly, or you read my initial post incorrectly…I’d like to clear up my problem:

My wife’s phone always gets notifications, my phone only gets notifications if my tablet is off.

It’s like the notifications can only go to one device per android user.

Does anyone have 2 android devices they are logged in as the same google user on, and which are also logged in as the same smartthings user, and are getting all of the push notifications on both?

(Chris Cooney) #7


We switched from two iOS devices where notifications would go out to both, to two android phones. My wife’s phone has never been able to receive notifications where mine receives them fine. We switched her phone to Android first so I think it’s less of an account issue and more a bug in the connection/phone config. Support told me their Android team had a lead but that was a while ago. Right now we’re just using texts, but if we get this resolved, I’ll respond.

(Michael Kolba) #8

I have the same issue and it’s driving me nuts. How can it be resolved? I need the push notifications to my android phone. I get them on my tablet and my girlfriend gets them on her phone which is the same model as mine…

(Emily Allen) #9

Hi everyone, sorry about the trouble, but we do have a workaround for this.

While our app does not have a case sensitive login for email address (you can use JohnDoe@smartthings.com or johndoe@smartthings.com), the service we use to send push notifications does. Therefore, if you initially created your account as JohnDoe, then logged in as johndoe, you won’t get push notifications.

The workaround is to log out of the app and then log back in using the same case in your username as you did when you first signed up.

If you’re not sure what that is, you can email support@smartthings.com, and they can give you that information.

Emily Allen
SmartThings QA

(Gene Kendrick) #10

I’m trying to cut off push notifications on my wife’s phone. I typed in all capitals on hers and she still gets notifications. Is there a fix yet to select devices thet get push notifications.

(Empirenine) #11

I have the same problem at Gene Kendrick (don’t want some notifications going to my wife’s phone), but I don’t believe this is the same issue as the one described in the original post.

(Tony Gutierrez) #12

Yeah, push notifications need to be specific to a certain device!

(Forrest Cavale) #13

This fixed it for my android device, surprised I still need a “work around” over a year later…


An old thread hope someone can shed some light, I’m a new ST user and I’m trying to achieve the same as @genekend and @empirenine mention above. Just want notifications to go to one device especially whilst I play and test :sweat_smile:
I’ll look into hacking blocking the app in the android is however is it possible via ST that anyone has found?