Push notifications - Notify Me SmartApp

A little help please folks.

I have a couple of instances of “Notify Me” installed. I have recently noticed that I’m not getting any push notifications.

For example: I have a door bell notification. When Switch A is turned on it used to send a push notification stating “There’s someone at the Door”.

Earlier today we noticed that we have not been receiving push notifications for a while (duration unknown).

I opened the instance of “Notify Me” and I’m more than sure that there used to be two options, one for a push notification and another for SMS. Now there is only one notification option which states: “via a push notification and/or an SMS message”.

Inside this option I can select existing contacts and create new ones but there is no option to push??? Is this normal? Would someone mind having a look at their instance of “Notify Me” to confirm if this is unique to me?

I fell like I’m going nuts? Maybe I’m missing something obvious? If I am Im sure I’m about to be told :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

I’ll answer my own question (again)!

So to get this working you have to make sure the contact has the email address added. The email that was registered with ST. You then get the option to push!

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