Notify Me When - only for select people?

in Notify Me When is there a way to select specific people for receiving notifications

or is there another way of being notified when a device is triggered such as a contact sensor is opened

Are you wanting to use push or text?

Push, sorry
Currently using stringify but that’s going offline when June

I have a updated version of Notify my when that has been updated with a enhanced notification routine for SMS but not for push.
you can get it from github at
Owner: Mavrrick
Repository: SmartThings-by-Mavrrick
Branch: Master

Just look for “Notify Me When Enhanced”.

my SMS bill would be crazy high, I need to use push notifications, Thanks, hopefully this info will help someone

Well the contact book option for notifications from the smartthings cloud was phased out about a year ago. That is what you would need to do what you are asking from Smartthings.