Push Notifications - No sound? Vibration?

Still messing around with my kit I got yesterday but one of the odd things I noticed was that push notification alerts don’t have any sound or vibration which makes them much less useful unless I happen to be looking at my phone. Hopefully an update will address this unless I’m overlooking a setting or something…


It shows up in your notifications but that’s about it. I would also like a tone or vibration be made too.

Yes please

a must!

Bump. A lack of vibration or sound (or even the ability to enable this!) makes push largely useless. Please enable vibration.

You get push notifications?!? Be happy! I don’t receive them, PERIOD!!!

Here’s my workaround…

I use apps like the Notify Me If, App… Then I have it text my phone by entering my full number.
The SmartThings uses one number, so add it to your contact list. Then use the SmartThings logo so when
it pops up, you recognize it right away! Finally, if you use an app like GoSMS or Handcent, you can designate
a contact specific alert tone. In my case, I made it a loud Nokia beep. Perfect!

I actually just made the switch from ios to Android (the Galaxy S4 & android rock by the way) and I did notice android by default makes a notification noise for every push notification. So we at least get some kind of noise/vibration, however you cant set a unique sound just for smarthings which is definitely needed.

For now the text message work around mentioned above will work or they may even be an app that can set custom sounds/led/vibration

I developed a SmartApp that extends the “Notify Me When” SmartApp called “Pushover Notify Me When” (the code is shared under “Browse SmartApps”). It sends notifications to your mobile device (Android or iOS) using an app and service called Pushover (www.pushover.net).

The nice thing about it is that you can control quiet hours, sounds, and priority of SmartThings alerts (low - no sound, normal - sound, high - overrides quiet hours, and emergency - overrides quiet hours and repeats notification every minute for an hour until acknowledged). You can specify the alert priority in the SmartThings configuration during installation. Although Pushover is $4.99 on the Apple Store and Google Play, you never pay subscription fees - it’s $4.99 for life. I’ve found this lets me control my SmartThings notifications more easily. See this post: http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/pushover-notifications-using-http/#post-4162.

Check it out. I’ve also added Pushover notifications to my Something Left Open and Pushover Flood Alert! SmartApps.

I received my kit this week and have been fooling around with all this stuff for the first time.

I’m running Android on my phone and installed ReadItToMe, which is a highly configurable app that reads texts, notifications, etc, aloud. You can get it from the google play store. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=robj.readit.tomepro

I just got the app set up today and I cannot believe how well it works. I’ve got ReadItToMe only reading aloud SmartThings’ push notifications (no need for SMS) and already have several alerts like “the wife is home!” sounding out when she pulls her car in to the driveway (I put a presence tag on her dash to test it out).

Let me know if you have any questions on it. This is my first hands on with home automation gadgets using zwave, zigbee, etc, so I’ll certainly be dropping a lot of questions of my own into the forums. Thanks!

I agree with previous posters, unique notifications would be very useful. I’d like to have a doorbell chime if the motion sensor by the door goes off, I could play a creaky sound if a monitored door opens, running water for moisture detected, etc.

It seems this wouldn’t take a big change in the app. sendPush(msg) could be modified to sendPush(msg, sound) where sound is an optional number. Being optional would give backward compatibility. Then the iphone/android app could have a notification configuration menu where each sound is assigned to play something, along with a default sound to play if an unassigned number is sent. Each assigned sound should also have a checkbox to turn on vibrate as well.

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Lightflow is an android app that lets you set LED light, vibration pattern, notification sound etc per app, ping the develper and have him add support for smartthings app. Also, see if it is possible to differ on the differetn smartapps, with android 4.3 this might be easy.


I implemented Pushover (pushover.net) support. See the post here: http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/pushover-notifications-using-http/#post-4162. Since posting this, I have updated it with several more control features. Currently, it is part of three SmartApps I am sharing but I’d like to get information on how I can make the library available to others for integration into their apps as well. This allows me to control sound, priority, and quiet hours for my alerts.

Is there a way to do this yet? I can’t seem to figure out how to change the sound of my house from other notifications like my clash of clans/email sounds :smile:

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