Pushover notifications, or any IOS notification sounds

i posted this in the smartapps but got 0 replies.

Everyone is looking to do sonos, or Alerts when something happens like Big Talker or DLNA. Does anyone have pushover working? pushover is a notification system on android and IOS that you can have IFTTT or any app send a notification when something happens.

I have so many tablets and phones laying around, buying a sonos so i can play a mp3 of “open door” is a waste of money. At least pushover lets me assign many sounds to IOS instead of the default tritone.

if anyone has any suggestions or has something simliar they are doing please share. I have a door I need an alert on, and the push notification from ST is just worthless without any true adjustment to the notification sound.

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I’m not sure I understand the incremental value of Pushover.

SmartThings already handles basic push notifications (but goes to all mobiles with only one sound).

And IFTTT can be used as well.

Pushover is more customizable… But does it have voice synthesis?

Get a text or phone forwarding service, set them up as a contact, forward the message to your phone, and give them a unique ringtone.

Not great if you want to have a bunch of different unique tones, but should fit some use cases.

Well… Pushover has Tasker integration (Android), and Tasker has Text-to-Speech (say), so this seems like a promising combination.

My first priority is ios and ifttt and St only use one notification sound. Pushover has about 15 so I can use a siren or something else.

Android is great because yes tasker has tts which works well.

It should be no problem calling Pushover’s http interface using the http commands available to SmartApp.

Give it a try.


Thanks but I’m not a coder. I tried using someone else’s pushover smart app but it fails on installation. It’s from 2014 so I assume some stuff in ide changed.

Tasker is really not that hard to learn. There is a guy on Youtube that has a ton of videos showing how to learn to use it. I’m an ios guy as well, but I have this Android device that’s been laying around here forever that I picked up when having to learn how to do something on it to teach another person who’s had Android phones for awhile. I’m going to turn it into an alarm panel and mount on the wall and to use for notifications as well. IT’s by my door and will have the view from my dropcam that faces my front door running as well so I can see who is at the door without opening it.

Edit - here is the youtube channel.

This is probably a dumb question, but do these IFTTT recipes not work?

Or is the problem there the limited choices available in the ST channel?

i know how to use tasker, but im looking for IOS. i have extra ipads and iphones, can’t find a dlna renderer that works, and the ST/IFTTT sound is tritone by default. At least pushover gives me 15 different sounds.

I got ST -> IFTTT -> Pushover to work with siren and it is great. 3 second delay.

Could you provide a link or copy please? It’s still a good starting point, probably…

Another option is when there is an app that has the ability to send a push and a text message, I change the text sound from the number coming from Smartthings. This was it stands out from my normal text sounds.

theres the app i tried. pushover-me-when

I like PUSHOVER as I need that loud alert, but IFTTT doesn’t seem to have the option to be dependent on Armed status. I don’t want to know if my motion sensors are triggered when my status is in Disarm.

How can I circumvent this issue?