ST Push Notifications making sound even in DND and Silent Mode... wtf?

I’ve got my iPhone X (iOS 11.2.1) in Silent mode (that’s the physical switch) and in DoNotDisturbe (the Control Center option), yet Smart Things notifications are still making a noise. I do not want this and if it was done through a setting it was unintentional.

I want the push notifications. I also want sounds when the phone is in normal “you’re allowed to make noise” mode. How do I fix this? I’ve tried looking through the ST app and iOS and I can’t figure out how to control this.

Sidebar: I’ve got a Google Pixel 2 (Android 8.1.0), device that’s logged into the same ST account and I get the same notifications, but the Android DND mode properly silences the individual notification.

I will add that my RING doorbell push notification does have sound. Just nothing with Smartthings. Anyone?