Intrusion Push Notification but no Sound

On my iOS phone, I’m getting the push notification just fine when my security mode is set to away and there is an “intrusion alert”, but, there is no sound associated with the notification. Read some older posts on this subject but can’t find anything that is related to the new Smartthings Samsung app if that matters. All of my sound settings in the iphone6 are set to green to allow for sound. Thoughts from someone? Thanks.

I will add that my RING doorbell notification does have sound. Just no sound from ST on the security trigger notification. Anyone?

I am having the same issue. It alerts me. But I have to be looking at my phone. No alert sound or vibration.

It’s possible that somehow the do not disturb setting got turned on for that specific contact, in which case it doesn’t always show up just in the list. You have to look at the contact entry.

The following article covers pretty much any way this can happen on an iPhone, so it’s worth looking at. The article link says 2017, but they update it every time a new iOS version comes out, so as of this writing it’s current through January 2019.

An update: This is how I solved the no sound issues when the security side of the system triggered - One of my ST devices is a siren. The siren will only turn on when there is a water leak detected, smoke in the house or a door contact opens when the security mode is set to armed. So, I set up 2 IFTT applets; one to make a sound on my iPhone and one to make a sound on my wife’s iPhone. On my wife’s, IF the siren sounds, THEN send a SMS text notification; and I put in my wife’s cell phone number as the recipient. Smartthings seems to be using the same phone number to send outgoing SMS text messages so my wife set a custom notification ring tone for that incoming number. For me, I have a IFTT applet that says IF the siren sounds, then send an email. The trick here was to set up an ICloud email account because that’s the only way I could find to get a custom ringtone on an iPhone. Even though my Smartthings account is under one email, my IFTT notification goes out to my ICloud email. And because I don’t use my ICloud email for anything other than Smartthings notifications, I have a unique alert tone for any incoming message to that account and that works out great.

Any solution here? I need a sound alert on my iPhone when the alarm goes off.

Is there any update on this as I just get the push notifications but no alert sound when intrusion is detected.

No alert sound here either. Using Android

Same issue. Any update?