Push notifications from the API to a specific user only


Thanks to the courtesy of one of the users, he helped me do the integration so that after the API I would send push notifications in the SmartThings application, everything works fine.

I have a question, how can I customize such a code so that a notification is sent only to a specific user? (on his private smartphone with the SmartThings app)

The code I have is:

URL: https://api.smartthings.com/notification
Method: POST
Content Type: JSON (default)

    "locationId": "MY ID LOC",
    "type": "ALERT",
    "title": "Hello",
    "message": "World"

Authorization: Bearer MY API CODE

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Does anyone know the answer?

Hi, @Damianeq

This API endpoint you have shared is a beta feature and we cannot guarantee, at this point, that it won’t go away in the future. That is also the same reason why this is not documented on our API specification. Currently, the only official way to set up a Push Notification is through the creation of a Routine, and you can notify any member on your Location.

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