How to setup Notifications so that individual users can have their own alerts, etc.?

New to ST. Set up my account on my iPhone, invited my wife to join our account for her phone. The issue is that I want certain notifications on my phone, and she can’t stand all of the alerts. Is there a way to setup notifications so that they are unique to the person’s preferences of that individual phone?


Nope. Consider using texts instead. Then, at least you can specify the number they go to.


Some options I can think of

  1. Have your wife turn off notifications in her app (You can do this in android not sure about iOS)
  2. Use smart apps that send text messages or modify Smart App to send text messages instead of notifications.

This does seem like something others would want. My wife doesn’t use the smart things app so we didn’t run into this issue but I am sure if she did I would be in the same position. So I am surprised this isn’t a feature.

Pushbullet is an option, I think, but we should make it a Device Type!

It’s on the way, native to the smartthings app, probably be out officially with the V2 hub. Called Contact Book.


Unfortunately, text messages are unreliable. Sometimes they just stop coming. Besides, ST indicated that text messaging will only be available as a “premium” option once V2 is released.

What isn’t unreliable with ST ?

Really they plan to make me pay for something that is free with email ?
IFTTT can send text messages based on a ST button state, I can write a endpoint which will send text messages. Silly thing to make a premium feature.

This feature has been requested many times sine April 2014. At some point it was even included in the “roadmap” to be released by the end of last year. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

I believe according to the last Developer Discussion whenever the big UI/UX update comes out it will have a contact book integration, that might be free contradictory to what was initially said at CES. I think event escalation will be the only premium contact feature. Like I have an alarm and I didn’t acknowledge it so call my neighbor.

Really? Everything I’ve heard seemed emphatic that nothing it currently does would be stripped out to pay only access.

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Really? I guess this is the impact of Samsung taking over. Next we will have to pay to use ST at all, not diggin it.

Again, from the one of the latest Developer Discussion videos, it sounds like this feature will be free. (Sending messages to specific people.) What will probably be premium content will be well we sent Erik a notification that his smoke alarm is going off and he didn’t respond so lets call his neighbor. (Event escalation or whatever they’re calling it.)

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is there any code for sending sms only to particular person’s phone even though the person doesn’t have smart app installed. for example when motion is detected sms should be send saying motion has been detected. it would be really very helpful if anyone can suggest the code for this.

Thanks in advance.

I found this thread just now via Google because… here at the end of 2017… I’m still looking for the ability to individual subscribe to push alerts. I’m the owner of my hub and account. I just added some nontechnical users who have different subscription needs (e.g. NO alerts for various hvac related events but YES alerts for smoke detectors triggering). SMS is nonstarter - it’s completely unreliable.

Has anyone made any progress in this regard? The goal is to let nontechnical subusers (un)subscribe to their own events.