Push Notification Issues (iOS)

I’m still trying a few things but I wanted to see if anyone else is seeing what I am … or, perhaps I’m going mad.

My SmartThings push notifications are not popping-up on my iPhone. They DO display if I unlock the phone but they are not showing-up on their own. Am I going mad? They usually do right? I am not talking about being in the SmartThings iOS app - in this case the push notifications do show. I’m talking about the phone being idle. I thought the push notifications showed-up then.

It seems this would just be a local issue to me as the app has not updated in some time and I thought it was working recently.

Check you iPhone notification settings

You mean they’re not showing up on your lock screen? Have you double checked this setting didn’t somehow get changed? Notifications on lock screen can be toggled separately than notifications when the phone is awake.

Nothing changed there. All settings are as they have been since I installed the iOS app. The only thing off is sounds.

Am I just remembering incorrectly how these work? They ARE showing for me when I hit the home key (even before unlocking).

I thought they popped-up like a text message does. Or, like when the ESPN app gives me a score update, etc, etc.

They are showing on my lock screen.

Could that be the issue?

When I get notifications while the phone is locked I get a sound/vibrate, like a text msg as you said.

Now if you always had sounds turned off, and used to get an actual pop-up but now you’re not, I’m stumped.

Turn on sounds and see what happens?

I’ll give it a go but I honestly don’t think that’s the problem.

I’m not mad right? If I get a push it should pop-up on the phone even when the screen is off (assuming settings are correct)? EDIT: Sorry, I see you already confirmed that in your reply.

Weird. I think it’s something local to my gear. If I raise my Apple Watch the push shows but only if I raise it - much like right now it’s only if I hit the home button on the iPhone (or the phone is open and being used). But of course the watch just gets its cues from the phone. Just not getting them while locked.

Pushes from other apps are working as expected.

Just to give you another point of data. The push notifications work on my IPhone as you expect them to on yours. I get a sound and pop up on the screen, even when it is locked.

Thanks Mike.

Okay folks. It is more than a SmartThings issue for me. Sorry to clog up the forum and take your time. But just for the record, ALL my push notifications have stopped working on my phone when locked. I just did not realize.

I turned on sound for SmartThings as @marktheknife suggested and I DO get sounds, as I do from other apps - just no actual message pop-up. Same for other apps.

This seems confined to me. I think my phone has a problem.

check your “Do Not Disturb” in settings

Thanks, yes, thought of that. Nothing has changed there either. My phone goes in to DND between 11pm and 7am daily. Currently it is off.

A hard reset of the phone has not helped. I’m wondering now if this is an Apple issue - something wrong with their notification servers. I’m going to let it sit overnight and see how things are tomorrow.

UPDATE: Same thing is happening on my wife’s phone. Gotta be a system issue.

UPDATE: It’s tail between my legs time. I guess I have gotten used to using the Apple Watch and not noticed that normal behavior is the iPhone will not show a push when locked or asleep if the Watch is in use (and not locked) unless you unlock/wake it. It’s by design. Instead, the push shows on the Watch.

i have all notifications on, i re-paired the device several times, sounds is on and i still donr get push notifications
ios 11 or ios 12 on iphone X

this needs to be fixed!