iOS push notification issue

I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere else, so please pardon me if I’m recreating the wheel here…

I’ve noticed a peculiar instance with the ST iOS app unable to send push notifications to iOS (or perhaps, it’s that under a particular circumstance, iOS doesn’t receive or display ST push notifications).

If the ST app is running in the foreground, ST push notifications don’t seem to show up in iOS notifications. Push notifications do seem to show up in all other circumstances:

  • Phone locked, screen off, app not running
  • Phone locked, screen off, app running [background]
  • Phone locked, screen on, app running in background
  • Phone unlocked, screen on, app not running
  • Phone unlocked, screen on, app running in background

The only scenario under which I encounter where the OS push notifications (either Banner or Alert style) don’t work is this:

  • Phone unlocked, screen on, app running in foreground

Under most circumstances, this doesn’t present a problem. However, there are at least a couple of scenarios where, IMO, this does present issues:

  • When arming Smart Home Monitor, I won’t received OS push notifications that any open/close sensors are left open

  • If an alert is triggered while I happen to have the app in the foreground, I won’t receive OS push notifications

I did some Googling and it seems like this is the default behavior for iOS. But apparently, there are ways to enable this functionality, which involves how the application is written. Please see these three posts for reference:

Assuming my take on this is correct, I would state that some key functionality of the ST iOS app is not working as it should.

I have a query into ST support, but I haven’t heard back yet.

They show up as a gray banner across the top of the screen, that vanishes after a second, with no push sound. If there’s more than one, only the first is displayed. And, then, they aren’t in the list of notifications. It’s as if the mobile app is catching the push and displaying it, instead of iOS doing its normal thing with it.

In the instance of selecting the Goodbye routine to arm the Smart Home Monitor–when a door or window open–all the gray banner says is “Goodbye! was completed.” There is no mention of an open door or window. If you look at the Notification tab in the ST app, it says “Smart Home Monitor armed but xxxx is open.” You should be able to see this full notification when you select the Goodby routine. I know this works, because I have the ST app installed on a second iOS device, and I do see these iOS push notifications on the second iOS device, along as the ST app is not running in the foreground.

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I just discovered a workaround!

If I enable my Routines to be displayed on the iOS Today widget, I can set the Routines from there. Since the ST app is not in the foreground in this case, the iOS push notifications work!

I do not see any ios notifications at all. I have to open the ST app and go to notifications to see the notifications.

How do I enable ios notifications? In iphone notification settings, all options are selected ON.

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I do not receive ANY realtime push notifications. I do however receive a notification 2 hours later reminding me that my house burned down 2 hours ago. Then it will continue to rub it in for the rest of the day, reminding me that my house burned down and there were no survivors.

I purchased the home monitoring kit for the sole purpose monitoring my home. If it does not allow me to do that in real time, the system is entirely useless. Yes I realize I can setup text alerts but that’s really a last resort for me. Notifications are a core function of iOS and SmartThings should learn to play nicely with them.

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